6 Ways to Refresh Your Dating Life

Dating isn’t always a joy and a pleasure. It can be BRUTAL with bad dates and dry spells and folks that just aren’t that into you. Before you give up and decide to live your life alone with a herd of dogs by your side, try embracing new dating habits that might just work wonders and help you find a potential love match.

Here are six ways to refresh your dating life:

Embrace the Set-Up: OK, so maybe it’s not your top choice, but getting set up by friends, coworkers, and even family members does work! If your BFF’s boyfriend keeps talking about a pal you’d really hit it off with, agree to a little double date and see what happens.

Skip the Bar Scene: Sure, it’s probably easier to talk to strangers when you’re out at a bar or *sigh* a club. BUT, you probably won’t meet a quality match under the haze of 3 cocktails. Make a point to avoid the bar as a potential dating pool.

Review Your Deal Breakers: Having standards is crucial, but sometimes your deal breakers may be too extreme. If you’re a vegetarian, you can happily coexist with a meat eater. If you’re 28, maybe you can find love with a 23-year-old. Play with your parameters and perhaps you’ll find your person.

Consider The Obvious: Take a look at the folks sandwiched within your “friend zone.” Why are they there? Has it just been a timing thing? Or have they always been involved? Make sure they’re friend zoned for the right reasons.

Be Frank: On those awkward first dates, it’s easy to get in your own head. Before you decide your best bet is to play it cool and casual, remember why you’re going through these motions in the first place. You want to find true love, so don’t beat around the bush! Be honest and upfront and treat your first date like the world’s best job interview scenario.

Ditch the Booty Calls: It’s easy for single guys and gals to establish a non-relationship relationship with somebody else to get your rocks off. It may seem fun and harmless, but it can confuse the plot. Why go out on a date or put yourself out there to meet someone new when you know you can get a little something something on the side? Avoid using booty calls as safety nets so you continue the search for true affection.