11 Red Flags To Look For When Dating A New Dude

The excitement of talking to a new guy you’re into can make you feel like a puppy love obsessed tween all over again. It all starts out fine. In the beginning, he’s charming, sweet, respectful, kind. Then all of a sudden those red flags start showing and you’re frozen in place as you try to process who he truly is. These are some red flag behaviors you need to look out for. Protect your heart. Remind yourself that none of this is okay and move on to someone who genuinely appreciates you. You’ll thank yourself later.

He has a girlfriend.

He flirts with everyone.

He sends explicit photos.

He’s a narcissist.

Nothing is ever his fault.

He calls you crazy when you point out his behavior.

He twists everything around to make you look like the bad person.

He complains people never stick around yet he pushes everyone away.

There’s always an air of some form of entitlement or victimization.

You find yourself trying to tame the flame before he burns you.

He leaves a trail of wreckage behind. Don’t be a casualty!

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