Dating Tips From A Fed Up Single Woman

Over the years, I’ve been asked why I’m single. The number one answer is that I’m picky and let’s be honest – I’m old-fashioned. Nowadays, it seems like effort is a foreign concept and hooking up is the norm and I’m not about that life. While I may not be fed up with being single until the right person comes along, however, I am fed up with how lazy some men are so I took it upon myself to school these dudes on how to win a good woman. It’s time to step up your game, boys!

Ask us out!

Don’t assume we’ll just come up to you. Sure, there is nothing wrong with that but we like being courted. Is it the 1940’s? No, but chivalry means more to us than a, “Hey so, uhh wanna hang out?” text.

Put in effort!

Effort is sexy and never goes out of style. Dress up for a date, show us you really want to be with us for who we are, not because you want to get in our pants. We can see right through that.

Don’t compare us to models…or any other woman!

Never compare the woman you are interested in with a public figure or any other woman for that matter! If you’re smart enough, you’d know that the one you love is the only woman you have eyes for. Comparing her is disrespectful and flat out rude.

Show us what we mean to you.

Words are nice but they mean nothing without action. Show us how you feel. Actions speak louder than words.

Show initiative in our interests.

You don’t have to enjoy everything we love but by taking initiative and really trying to understand what we love and why, you’re showing the kind of man you are. If you feel obligated, we can see right through that.

Don’t force the physical.

This isn’t high school and peer pressure is lame. If we tell you we’re not ready, we mean it. Have patience and let the relationship grow. This of course all depends on the couple.

We’re worth more than a hookup.

Hooking up is entirely someone’s choice but if that’s all you’re in it for, don’t expect miracles. I think it’s time to realize that we’re all worth more than a hookup with someone you will probably never see again.

Be reliable.

Accountability and reliability are a must in any relationship. Call when you say you will. Don’t flake out on plans. Show us that you actually give a damn. If we’re hurting, be there for us. Don’t run away. Be honest. Be a man!

We’re not sharing you.

Some people think it’s great to flirt with multiple people at a time but personally, I’m not about that life. If I’m interested in you, I don’t plan on sharing you with other women nor do I want you to view me as simply an option. Either you keep it real or you’re on your way.