10 Reasons Why Chris Pratt Is a Total Babe

Happy Monday! We survived Inauguration Day with only a minimal hangover, and we marched with all our ladies on Saturday. Now it’s back to business. Today, let’s discuss our pal, Chris Pratt. He won our hearts way back in the day on Everwood and then as the hilarious Andy on Parks & Recreation. From there, he made the ultimate leap to bonafide movie star. Most recently, he starred alongside Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers. Sometimes people are all, “I don’t get it? Why does everyone love Chris Pratt?” Well, if it isn’t obvious, here are ten reasons why Chris Pratt is a total babe in our book:

He’s hilarious AF.

He’s a total family man.

His bod is insane.

But more importantly, he keeps it tight for his job and would prefer to crush a pizza with you.

Obviously his face is quite easy to look at.

He slays an interview.

In between movies he lays low because who cares about the hype?

He was on Everwood. Enough said.

He has a dead bug collection that his wife, the gorgeous and hilarious Anna Faris thinks is cool.

He was a stripper for a very brief period of time before his acting career got off the ground. Do what you gotta do, CP!