10 Signs Your Best Friend Is Actually Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is the coolest. She’s super down to earth, funny, and has the ability to let OMG moments roll off her back with a lot of LOLs. In case you haven’t noticed yet, your BFF might be your own personal J-law buddy and not even know. Check out these 10 signs to tell if you’ve got an Oscar winning actress in disguise as your closest confidante!

1. Your BFF  loves to eat. Like whatever, whenever.

2. They are super honest about their feelings.

3. OMG moments are no big deal. 

4. They accept their imperfections.

5. Hanging with the guys is as easy as hanging with the girls. 

6. They make the BEST funny faces. 

7. You never have to question their loyalty.

8. She believes in fair give and take when it comes to talking about each other’s lives. 

9. Having a fake celebrity boyfriend is totally normal. 

10. She has absolutely no idea how cool she actually is.