7 Signs Your Relationship Is Basically Over

One of the biggest downsides of being in a relationship is when the honeymoon period ends and things begin to get #real. Sure there’s bound to be little fights, annoyances, and a few tears that will creep into your coupledom, but if your relationship seems like more work than it’s worth, check out these seven signs that it might be time to move on.

1. You no longer want to make them a priority. 

When you first started dating they were your #1. Texts to say good morning. Texts to say goodnight, plans on plans on plans, and checking in with each other was the norm. Now other people, events and things have easily taken your significant other’s place and you don’t even feel bad about it.

2. Your social media tells a drastically different story than what’s going on in your real life. 

Ok Ok so maybe you don’t want to annoy your followers with photo after photo of you and your special someone, but if you’re in a relationship and your insta feed suddenly looks like a single girls guide to life, it might be time to really become single.

3. You’ve started to get jealous…of everyone. 

Seriously…when you actually start to feel your blood boil when you see the same person liking every Instagram post your bf/gf puts up, or they laugh a little too much at another person’s joke, there’s def something off.

4. You begin to not trust your bf/gf. 

If you start to entertain the idea of looking through their phone, and begin obsessively checking all their social platforms to keep tabs on who they’re talking to, where they’re going and what they’re up to, consider this a huge red flag.

5. You’re fighting more and more. 

When your relationship is crumbling, everything starts to annoy you, piss you off, and fighting becomes the norm. No thanks…time to move on.

6. You don’t talk about your bf/gf or relationship anymore. 

You used to love sharing stories, adventures and cute things about your relationship with your friends, now it doesn’t even cross your mind to mention anything about it when you’re with your besties.

7. The relationship feels like a chore. 

Hanging out, talking, checking in, and making plans is equivalent to doing dishes or cleaning the bathroom. um ew.