MTV Shows From The ’90s We’d Love To See Back On The Air

Over the years,   MTV has been a hub for everything from music videos to its own award shows, but there is no denying their ’90s programming was pure perfection. A mix of funny, fan friendly, and instant access to the inner workings of celebrity lives, it’s never been the same (or as good) since. With this decade recently being so celebrated by millennials, and bringing back fond memories to those who were living their awkward phase during that time, it’s only fitting to take a look back on the shows which made MTV mint and deserve a reboot in 2016.

1. TRL Hands down the best video countdown show chock full of celebrities, music, contests, fans, and of course, Carson Daly.

2. Making the Video Making the Video provided an up close and personal look behind-the-scenes at some of the most high profile music videos, giving viewers some fun tidbits about their favorite bands and little known music video secrets.

3. Beavis And Butt-Head Quite possibly the raunchiest, dirtiest cartoon of its time, Beavis and Butt-Head were those guys in high school who sat in the back of the classroom when they weren’t doing time in detention. The show was so popular, it even spawned its own movie, Beavis and Butt-head Do America.

4. Daria The most badass cartoon to ever hit your television, Daria was the sarcastic friend you wished would walk into your life. Her dry sense of humor and awkward crushes could be elevated to another level if Daria came back today with a Twitter handle in tow.

5. Singled Out Before The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, there was Singled Out. Hosted by Jenny McCarthy (andCarmen Electra after her), the game show was the “love connection” dating show where 50 men and 50 women would compete for a date with a contestant of the opposite sex.

6. The Ashlee Simpson Show Before she was caught lip syncing and married to Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson had humble beginnings. Remember when MTV camera’s followed her on the road to releasing her debut album?Sure her music career and marriage fell apart, but with a new husband and baby on the way, it would be interesting to see how much she’s grown.

7. Pimp My Ride Who didn’t wish for the opportunity to have their dumpy car transformed into a ride so drool worthy, there was no way it would be safe to keep it parked on the street.

8. Loveline A 17-year-old Justin Timberlake on a show like Loveline? Many *NSYNC fans at the time were probably not old enough to watch a show with such mature content. Lol. Based on the radio show of the same name, Dr. Drew Pinsky offered relationship advice to callers with assistance from celebrity guests.

9. MTV Beach House Every summer, MTV would post up in an awesome beach location with a sick beach house to chill with fans and celebrity guests. It was an awesome go-to, especially if you were stuck in your hometown all summer long.

10. Fanatic Before Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat existed, the only way to get close to your favorite celeb was to find your way onto Fanatic. The MTV show would pick lucky fans and give them a chance to hang out with their idol.