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MTV Shows From The ’90s We’d Love To See Back On The Air

Over the years,   MTV has been a hub for everything from music videos to its own award shows, but there is no denying their ’90s programming was pure perfection. A mix of funny, fan friendly, and instant access to the inner workings of celebrity lives, it’s never been the same (or as good) since. With this decade recently… More »


I just got the coolest gifts from a brand called ZukoBaby! The hand painted Beavis and Butthead shorts are a different level of genius!



It’s Your Birthday: An Ode (Not Really) to Mike Judge

49 years ago
in a land far away
a man named Mike Judge
was born on this day

And that’s all I have. Anyway, today is Mike Judge‘s birthday. If you don’t…

Flashback Friday: Shows That Make Us Miss Vintage MTV From the 90s

Remember the days when watching MTV was the COOL thing to do? When not all of the programming was reality shows, but a mixture of animation, reality shows that made…

Beavis and Butthead to Return to MTV!

In an unprecendented clusterf*ck of information passing, Justin Bieber tweeted that Beavis and Butthead would be returning to MTV after hearing the cast of SKINS announce it…

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