#FBF – 10 Reasons We Miss Ryan Atwood From The OC

So, we’ve already established our undying love and devotion for Seth Cohen from The OC, but how on earth can we forget about the brooding, angry Ryan Atwoodfrom the wrong side of the tracks? As we prepare for another weekend, let’s reflect on 10 reasons we really miss Ryan in all his Chino glory.
1. His Uniform – Wife beaters, gray hoodie, and leather jacket for days!
2. His Bromance With Seth – I mean, let’s be real… it was the best chemistry on that show!
3. His Sideways Glances – Who needs dialogue when you can just crush the brooding side eye?
4. His Sort Of Non-Existent Sense of Humor – He started cracking jokes on occasion later in the series, but season 1 he was way too street to be funny.
5. His Leather Cuff – That + his sweet choker necklace in season 1 were everything.
6. All The Fights – Seriously, he was always in fights with huge dudes that should have kicked his ass.
7. The Kissing Face Hold – It just looks so good on TV. You secretly wished your BF would hold your face like that forever and always.
8. His Marissa Devotion – Even though you were thinking… she’s insane Ryan! Get away!
9. His Guilty Face When He Disappoints Sandy Cohen – I mean, nobody wants to let Sandy down!
10. His Hair, Especially When It looks Like a Bowl Cut – It just really does it for us, you know?