FBF: 9 Reasons Why We Still Want To Marry Seth Cohen From The OC

In 2003, we were introduced to the wildly affluent and supremely beach-y lives of hot teenagers in Orange County. Oh yeah, that’s right… I’m talking about The OC.

As we all know, the show centered around a young delinquent named Ryan Atwood from dreaded Chino who finds himself living in his lawyer’s posh pool house in Orange County. After some initial weirdness, he’s quickly integrated into the Cohen family and becomes BFFs with Seth Cohen, the nerdy indie rock kid who was actually just a hot half Jewish hipster.
Seth Cohen, played by Adam Brody of course, quickly became dream boat material and most chicks that watched The OC still want to marry his nerdy ass. Don’t deny it. In fact, here are nine extremely finite reasons why you know you still want to marry Seth Cohen:
1. Because he wants to slow dance to a Ryan Adam‘s cover version of Wonderwall to sweep you off your feet.
2. He’ll get you tickets to see cool bands.
3. He’ll reenact famous movie moments with you.
4. He’ll run through airports to say goodbye to you. Confidence, Cohen!

5. He’s loyal AF.

6. He’s kind of a puppy dog who’ll help you out in a pinch.

7. He’s an awesome friend.

8. He’s like really really into you (you being Summer of course.)

9. Um… his hair. #thatisall