Tweet #HobbitMovieLastRequest to Help Dying Man Fulfill Last Wish!

Jessy Stouffer posted a video to YouTube yesterday asking people to help fulfill her father’s dying wish to see an early screening of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Jessy’s father, Scott Stouffer, was diagnosed with endocrine cancer earlier this year and is not expected to make it till the movie’s release date on December 17th.

The Stouffers said that watching The Hobbit films together is a special family tradition and they hope that by having people spread the word using #HobbitMovieLastRequest they can have one last special memory with their dad.

On her YouTube video, Jessy posts “If you could help by tweeting, posting to Facebook, or even Instagram, it would be amazing.” As the young people of America, let’s share Scott Stouffer’s request…because after all, everyone deserves to see their favorite movie. ❤

* I did not mention this above, but Scott Stouffer is one of my relatives, so an extra big Thank You to everyone for sharing this story. xo Hailey (email me at if you can help make this happen)