10 New Tips To Stay Positive

Every day we meet many people. They don’t always show us favor. Sometimes we ourselves react the wrong way on the surroundings comments. Then we can suffer through it. Being positive is not always possible, but I want to share with you some advice on how to live this way.

photo: “Innocent Smile” by Vncent_AF //www.flickr.com/photos/archetypefotografie/7800980606/

10 Tips To Stay Positive

1. Spend time with family and friends. Family and true friends are a treasure. We should care about how the best contact with them. Great relationship with family & friends is the most important thing in life. Take care about contact with the closest.

2. Take care of your health We have only one life. The mode life determines its length. Don’t wait. When you feel bad, go to the doctor. Don’t take drugs and smoke. Don’t drink too much alcohol.

3. Smile every day Show the world that you are happy. When you are happy, others are also.

Photo: “Sharing Smile” by Abhinay Omkarhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/abhiomkar/4520333403/

4. Sport is the key When we train in the body are produced endorphins. We are happy thanks them. Also during the exercise we take care of health and we can achieve a lot of personal success. Every step forward is worth the effort.

5. Eat healthy Without food we can’t live. But food can kills us too. When our diet is wrong or the products are unsuitable for consumption. When you buy food, think a few times about the products. Don’t choose fast food. Sometimes we can eat this “food” but has a negative impact on our health. Insted of sweets, you eat healthy seasonal fruits. Very good are the dried fruit. Don’t believe in the miraculous quality “light”. That’s a lie. Eat what makes you pleasure, but remember about healthy eating.

6. Take time to relax To stay in the best condition, sleep at least 8 hour a day. During sleep our body regenerates itself. During the day find free time to walk in the forest, park or for meditation. For something that silence you. Relaxation is the key to be happy. Photo: Relax by aNtohttps://www.flickr.com/photos/dia-a-dia/6243879991/ 7. Read a lot Reading books is a great way to escape from worries. Go wild and choose boks with different themes. Read book on paper version. You have contact with the words and what the author wanted to convey. I don’t support reading on tablets, because real books can’t be replaced. 8. Watch educational programs If you want to watch TV or videos on the Internet, don’t waste your precious time. The best option are educational programs about animals, life or history. They show us the real life. Don’t believe scandalous movies, talk-shows or other crazy, drama shows. They have a negative impact on life. Photo: Happiness revealed by Leonard FarshoreLink: here

9. Take care of the environmentWild nature. Is still exist? Maybe. But for sure will be destroyed by our generation and the next. Corporations caring for profit, and aren’t interested impact of ther activities on the environment. But you have a voice. Show the children that being eco is cool. It doesn’t cost. Waste sorting and live in the clean environment.

10. Find a hobbyActively spend time. Find something that you will be interested. You can collect stamps, dance, etc ENJOY YOUR LIFE!