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#FBF Hot Dudes Rocking Man Buns

Happy Friday! You’re probably buzzing with anticipation for all the Halloween parties and costumes to come, but you know what team Buzznet is pondering? The MAN BUN. For a minute there, this hairstyle was all the rage with high fashion models, celebrities like Kit Harrington, Chris Hemsworth, Justin Bieber, and professional athletes. While the bun… More »

20 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes: 2016 Edition

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! The day has finally arrived. Before you prepare yourself for another day of candy gorging and debauchery, let’s take a moment to reflect on your Halloween weekend. That’s the great thing about Halloween on a Monday, amirite? Your holiday was extended with weekend parties and multiple costume changes. Plenty of celebrities rang in… More »

Buzz Bites: Jeffree Star Reveals Surprise Eyeshadow Palette!

Hey Tuesday! The Internet is humming with news…so let’s get to it! Jeffree Star has revealed a new eye shadow palette! Ugh…WANT. NEED. Watch the video from Jeffree below for all the deets! Harry Styles sent Directioners into a tizzy by chopping off all his hair, and now we’ve got our first glimpse! World exclusive… More »

Buzz Bites: Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Are Maybe Dating?!

Hey Monday…how’d you get here so fast? Well, it’s a new week so let’s see what’s happening on the world wide web! Zayn Malik has announced on Twitter he’s dropping his first solo single, “Pillow Talk” on Fridaaaay…umm who else is excited?? pic.twitter.com/URa9cZXdzr — zayn (@zaynmalik) January 24, 2016 Love is in the air, just… More »

Buzz Bites: Wait…Miley And Liam…Back Together??

TGIF Kittens! Before you shut down for the long weekend ahead, let’s check out what’s buzzing on the world wide web! So Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are basically back together. FINALLY! Speaking of young Hollywood romance…rumors are buzzing again that Selena Gomez is dating Orlando Bloom…eee! The Spice Girls are reuniting…with one catch…Posh is… More »

Tweet #HobbitMovieLastRequest to Help Dying Man Fulfill Last Wish!

Jessy Stouffer posted a video to YouTube yesterday asking people to help fulfill her father’s dying wish to see an early screening of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Exclusive! Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Split Up!

Exclusive! Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Split Up!

Evangeline Lilly Joins The Cast of ‘The Hobbit’

Former Lost star Evangeline Lilly has found her way… onto the set of Peter Jackson’s upcoming prequel, The Hobbit. Sounds like it’s becoming quite the year for Evangeline, <a…

Peter Jackson Releases Dates and Titles for Upcoming LOTR Prequel, ‘The Hobbit’

Warner Bros. just issued a press release regarding the titles and release dates of The Hobbit. The movie, which is based on a book originally written by J.R.R. Tolkien, is set 60 years before The Lord of…

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Still on Course, Minus Major Names

Been missing pirate-mania what with all the vampire stuff that’s popped up in recent years?  Well, if so, don’t worry, because Disney is going forward with a fourth movie in the blockbuster Pirates of the

Who’s on Board for Pirates of the Caribbean 4?

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will be released in theaters on May 20th, 2011
and some of the original cast have decided not to return…

Happy Birthday!: Patrick Dempsey and Orlando Bloom

Two ‘Happy Birthdays’ Today

Happy 44th Birthday McDreamy… I mean, Patrick Dempsey!


Happy 33rd Birthday to Orlando…

Sara Paxton talks Superhero movie with Buzznet


Buzznet: This movie looks amazing. Are you excited for it to come out?

Sara Paxton: Yeah, I am. I’m not going to be there for the premiere, I’m going to…

Friday Buzz 10/12

The Hills is faaaaake. (IBBB)
ps. IBBB interviewed Elodie!

Oh hey McDreamy, how you been? (PopBytes)

Britney. Underwears. Plz. (Evil Beet)

The 6 most terrifying foods in the world. (Cracked)

Get to know ‘Gossip’ guy…

Orlando — Wacky Before Gettin’ Crashy

Filed under: Wacky and WeirdTMZ.com: TMZ caught Orlando Bloom last night before he got into a car accident — and something was definitely off about him.Bloom was leaving Green Door, hiding in a hoodie, when he jumped into the front seat of a random guy’s car and started an argument…… from www.tmz.com

Caption This: Beamin’ Bloom


Orlando Bloom Thinks It’s an Honor Just to be Nominated

(WENN) At least, that’s the sentiment he’ll be expressing, should he happen not to win his nomination for Best Male Performance in Britain’s first National Movie Awards. His nomination is for his work in the third “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie. Orlando’s facing competition from the likes of Daniel Craig, Bruce… from socialitelife.com

Monday Buzz 5/21

IBBB interviews Jesse Bruno from Workout! Totally LOL-worthy even if you don’t know who that dude is.

I’m one of those people who wears sneakers everywhere. So this article makes…

Tuesday Buzz 5/8

Sanjaya is RECORDING AN ALBUM?! (seriouslyomg)

How To Attend a Party in the Shortest Possible Time. (MSN)

Paris wants to be pardoned. By the Governator. (Evil Beet)

Verizon stopped sponsoring Gwen’s Tour because…

Monday Buzzed 4/30

Britney MUST dress this way for attention. Right? (INO)

JC Chasez: Gay or Metro? (Jossip)

Why are guys jeans getting smaller? Why is Fergie famous? Just how far will…

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