Designer Spotlight: Matisse Footwear

With it getting colder now, maybe you’ve realized that your boots and booties from last year are a little farther past “worn” looking. Maybe they’ve seen their day. If you’re in the market for boots or booties that aren’t the run-of-the-mill design and are actually made to LAST, meet Matisse Footwear.

This California-based brand truly has it’s own unique character and identity. The styles range from chic, to southern, to modern, and rock ‘n roll, so there are more than enough options to fit any personality and outfit.

Two of my most favorite designs are the “Talon” and the “Meyer.” Being from Nashville, I guess it’s only fitting that I love the more vintage, southern styles.

(Above: The “Talon” Bootie with necklace from Marcia Moran and ring by Regal Rose)

The Talon is unique because of it’s rustic, southern feel and it’s open, buckle back. I absolutely gushed when I saw these, as there are not many booties that look and feel this cool.

(Above: The Meyer Bootie)

I love the Meyer because of it’s ability to truly wear with anything. It’s soft, worn material and ankle crop allows it to pair perfectly with leather, denim, skirts or shorts. It’s neutral color is warm and has a true vintage appearance.

Other styles I adore:

So what are you waiting for? Shop Matisse Footwear NOW and follow their Facebook and Twitter for current specials!

Xo Mindy