LIGHTS Dazzles at New York’s Irving Plaza

When you’re a music geek like me, experiencing live music isn’t just “seeing a show,” it’s more like a therapy session. As much as I try to forget about certain things while I’m in the crowd, for some reason, everything becomes more clearer once you hear a song live. If you’re looking for a Rolling Stone-esque show review, you’ve come to the wrong place. It’s about to get personal…which is what music is supposed to be.

I had the honor of seeing LIGHTS tonight at New York’s Irving Plaza for the second time in honor of her Little Machines tour and needless to say, I was completely blown away. I needed this, especially tonight, on the eve of the four year anniversary of my freedom. Four years ago, on October 30, I was set free from a relationship that was killing my spirit. It was from then on that I truly began my journey in life. I’d be lying if I said that I’m not still a bit scarred from hurtful things that were said to me during that relationship, but the healing process takes time. Fortunately, I have music to get me through it.

Something happened in me tonight that I’ve been waiting for. During “Drive My Soul,” I felt some of the chains on my heart start to break away. “Drive My Soul” is a song I used to literally hurt listening to. While this relationship wasn’t good for me, I was scared to let it go, afraid of what would become of me. The lyrics, “When you’re gone will I lose control? You’re the only road I know,” used to hit me so hard that I think the only reason I stayed in it so long was because of the fear of losing control. I wasn’t sure who I was then, but now, clarity is a sweet feeling. I started thinking about how wonderful it is to be free right in this moment and I think I let go of a lot of excess baggage that I just couldn’t seem to shake off. It’s about time.

I’ll be honest, the night didn’t start off too well. But once opening band, Rush Midnight, (more on them soon!) hit the stage, I was reminded why I love music so much. I love discovering new bands and sharing them right here with you guys to devour. There are days where I honestly don’t feel like I am cut out for this. I’m more of a behind the scenes kind of girl, and having so much access to so many things is a bit overwhelming. Not to mention the not-so-great aspects of the music industry.

LIGHTS will forever be on my list of favorite people because of what she stands for. It’s hard for me to identify with my peers. LIGHTS feels like my confidant. Her music knows me as well as I know it. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to truly absorb her debut, The Listening, when it was released in 2009. I eventually went back to it after Siberia (which is my jam) was released in 2011. Her songwriting style is unlike any other and on her recent release, Little Machines, she captures the essence of childhood beautifully and, of course, nostalgically. Hearing these new songs come to life felt like I was being given the prize of the year, and I will never forget how they made me feel tonight.

Mid-set, she mentioned how she has been feeling very tired and run down lately, but the crowd awakened her. If only she knew her impact on so many of us standing in that crowd tonight. She may be only one year older than me but I hope to be half the woman she is one day.

On to the fun stuff! Hearing “Siberia” and “Flux and Flow” was even better than the first time. “Flux and Flow” is one of those anthemic tracks that you can put on after a long battle while celebrating how you “bend without breaking.”