Designer Spotlight: Matisse Footwear

 With it getting colder now, maybe you’ve realized that your boots and booties from last year are a little farther past “worn” looking. Maybe they’ve seen their day. If…

50 Of The Best Ankle Boots For Fall

You guys know I love an ankle boot. I wear them all winter. I wear them all summer. I wear them with pants and I wear them with dresses too. I swear my whole closet is ankle booties and all I want are more or them! I pulled some of my favorite boots off my… More »

Get More For Your Money: Studded Boots

Not too long ago I went on vaca to the lovely city of Chicago! I was so excited to finally go there when it was not on tour and not during a blizzard. I was…



Lace Yourself With These Super Cute Lace-Up Booties

There’s something in the feeling of tightly lacing up your shoes and knotting them up (or if you are me, doing the bunny ears thing because you never properly learned the other way which doesn’t mean you’re dumb it just means you have difficulty with spatial thinking, ok?) that gives you the feeling of being… More »

Back To School Style Must Have: Banging Booties

It’s that time again! For olds like me it just means that Fall TV is about to be back (hurrah!) and that I can dust off my prized leather jackets, but for those of you in junior high, high school, or college, it’s time to start thinking about heading back to class. While it certainly… More »


Spring 2012 Wardrobe Predictions

I’ve been looking around at stores, and judging by the prints I’m seeing, I’d say “animal” and “floral” are gonna be huge in 2012. Here are 7 of my predictions for Spring 2012.

Here are some…

Tie It Up: 25 Lace-Up Boots for Under $250

Some might call my fondness for boots of all kinds a sickness of sorts, but I prefer to look at it as more of a very very very strong affinity. Now that Fall is finally here, the boot selection is enough to make a girl’s head spin. Lace-up boots are some of my favorite kind… More »

Walk This Way: Fall Shoes are Here!

They’re here! They’re here! FALL SHOES. In a follow up to my summer shoe wishlist, it’s high time to update my shoe wardrobe to protect my feetsies from the looming chilly weather that’s soon to ascend on Boston. Check out my faves – it’s bootie time!

Ankle Boots: I am in Love, Love, Love.

I found these killer shoes while browsing Saks, Net-A-Porter and Barneys. Most of the McQueens are new styles on pre-order!

Alexander McQueen winged ankle boot

Alexander McQueen…

Let’s Get Some Booties

Fall is here and that can only mean one thing: pumpkin foods. Oh, and also boots and booties. Here is a gallery of Fall’s most covet-able booties.


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