Paramore Is Getting Old. Hayley Williams Spills On Pre-Show Prep.

We’ve loved Paramore since their break out album Riot! and in concert, they don’t disppoint. Hayley Williams commands the stage with such verocity and electricity, you’d think she has unlimited energy and stamina to perform night after night for thousands of fans.

Maybe that was the case when the band exploded, but these days, the seasoned rockers are feeling the pains of growing up and getting older.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Hayley shared that her reckless ways of teen living are far behind her.

“Seven or eight years ago, we would go to Taco Bell, grab a bean burrito and run onstage,” she said. “Now, getting ready for a show takes two hours. Jeremy and Taylor have to wrap their ankles, and I have to do stretches so I don’t hurt my neck from headbanging. I’m loving it, but I definitely might collapse at one of these shows.”

Uhhhhh…we hope that doesn’t actually happen!

Have you noticed Paramore’s aging?