Dani Vitale Dances With Katy Perry At The Grammy Awards!

To have the oppportunnity to say that this was my second time being apart of the iconic Grammy Award show is crazy to me!! Two years ago I performed with Rihanna and it was so incredible. This year I got to share the stage with Katy Perry & Juicy J! We performed her new sick single Dark Horse. (huge secert suoer fan of the song lol)

IT’S THE GRAMMYS!! I underestimate so much of what I do sometimes, but this is one show that is a serious pinch me moment. I have life changing epiphany’s every time I do something like this and this time I put a ton of stuff into perspective. We must really cherrish the moments that remind us of why we wake up everyday and love ourselves for accomplishing things. Stop wasting time and thoughts dwelling on things that aren’t important, because moments like these, THIS is what really matters. In the path of life, these are the things that will be remembered and have an affect on our lives.

I love everyone of my family, friends and people who I haven’t met yet that support my journey and reach out to me. I appreciate it so much.

We all have the ability to live the dream.

Here are some pictures from Sunday! I had the coolest hair do EVER! I wore it out like that after the performance haha.