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Dani Vitale Dances With Katy Perry At The Grammy Awards!

To have the oppportunnity to say that this was my second time being apart of the iconic Grammy Award show is crazy to me!! Two years ago I performed with Rihanna and it was so incredible. This year I got to share the stage with Katy Perry & Juicy J! We performed her new sick… More »

Katy Perry Reveals ‘Dark Horse’ Art

Katy Perry just released the album artwork for her single, “Dark Horse.” The art is an illustrated depiction of the singer in, possibly Victorian-era garb. It’s fitting for the song that references “playing…

LISTEN: Katy Perry Is A ‘Dark Horse’

I have a strong feeling that Katy Perry’s upcoming album, Prism, is going to be empowering!

First, she sang about the importance of standing up for herself and speaking (or rather roaring) her mind in “

Panel Footage From the New York Comic Con 2011

Footage includes Tom Morello talking about scoring his comic “Orchid,” Norman Reedus explaining why you don’t hug his character from “The Walking Dead” and Tom Hiddleston on leather and buckles. Also, Mario dances to the Black Eyed Peas for your amusement. Make sure you check out ALL of Buzznet’s NYCC coverage from Friday and Saturday.

New York Comic Con Day 1 Wrap Up

Holy cow, true believers!  I had such an amazing time today at the New York Comic Con!  I’m WIPED and I’ve still got two more days of nerdgasm to get through, so I’m not going…

Tom Morello, PC Cast and Guillermo Del Toro to Release Titles Via Dark Horse Comics

So, previously, we’d heard rumblings about Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine working with Dark Horse comics (and Shepard Fairey!) on some super secret project that wouldn’t be revealed until Comic Con.  On…

So, Do You Read Comics?

I’m not going to dance around it with this post.  The point of this post is to ask you, the users of Buzznet, if you read comics.

The Justice…

‘Umbrella Academy’ Movie Reportedly in the Works

Only one story arc of My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way‘s comic The Umbrella Academy has been released (the trade paperback is now available,…

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