Exclusive Interview: Get To Know Jess Bowen Of The Summer Set!

SO pumped to share this interview with you all with one of my fave ladies in the industry; Jess Bowen of The Summer Set!

For anyone who hasn’t heard of you before describe yourself in 3 words!

I get to toot my own horn here! I’d like to think I’m loyal, ambitious, and a lover (especially of puppies).

When did you first discover your love for music?

My dad and my older brother were both drummers, so I grew up in a drumming household with music constantly surrounding me. I truly discovered my love for music after listening to a BBMak song entitled “Back Here”, and was convinced that my best friend and I were going to start a band after hearing this song we loved so much. When I turned 12, I started playing the drums after my dad told me he would buy me a guitar as long as I played drums in the school band for a year. I’m 24 now, and my dad still owes me a guitar! However, I’m extremely grateful that he encouraged me to start playing the drums. I fell in love with my instrument instantly.

What instruments do you play?

Per answer number 2, I never got that guitar my dad promised me, so I am solely a drummer. I like to fool around with other instruments here and there, but I’m not particularly good at any other instrument besides drums.

What are your words to live by?

Eat, drink, and be merry.

What has been the hardest part of touring/traveling in a band?

Maintaining relationships has been a bit of a struggle for me since we started touring religiously. It’s hard to keep in touch with your friends, family, and loved ones when you are traveling constantly, and it takes a lot of effort to keep those relationships alive when you spend most of your time on the road away from them. I can admit it’s a fault of mine, but I know plenty of friends who are in bands that can admit that this is a struggle of theirs as well.

Do you have any fan moments that stand out to you the most over the years?

We have some of the most amazing fans any band could ask for. I meet new people every day, and after touring for 4 years I even see familiar faces in each city we go to. One particular fan moment that inspired our entire band happened about two weeks ago on the tour we are currently on. We played a show in Milwaukee, and there was a fan of ours who was blind that attended our show and came backstage to meet us. She was crying tears of joy from getting to meet her favorite band. We were so touched that our music meant so much to her and gave her so much joy in her life. It was truly a moment that the 5 of us will never forget.

You are very open about your love life which has been accepted by your fans and friends in amazing ways, any advice for others who look up to you for that?

I have been so lucky with the amount of positivity and support I’ve received with my relationship with my girlfriend. My only advice to anyone who might be struggling with something like this is to just be honest with yourself. Be proud of who you are and do not be ashamed about loving a person. Our culture is evolving and becoming more accepting, and I know sometimes it is easier said than done, but you should never hide who you are. I have been a much happier person knowing that I don’t have to hide being in love with someone.

If your life was a movie, who would you choose to play you and what would the soundtrack to your life be?

I would want Jennifer Lawrence to play me because she is a badass, and she would just make me seem a lot cooler than I really am. The soundtrack of my life would probably be “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry on repeat. Seems most appropriate, right?

Do you have any hidden talents or guilty pleasures?

I have a “hidden talent” that the boys like to make fun of me for. I used to be in a Filipino/Hawaiian dance group when I was younger, so I’ve got some tropical island dance moves in me. I was also a soccer player (goalie) growing up, which took up a majority of my life up until I graduated high school. I was supposed to play in college, but chose the music path instead.

What did YOU think of this interview? What else do you want to know about Jess?