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EXCLUSIVE: Hayley Kiyoko Talks New EP, CSI & More!

Have you heard of the lovely lady Hayley Kioyoko? Well get ready to blast her music and fall in love with it! Not only…

Man Crush Monday: Tom Brady

As most of you already know, The Patriots won the Super Bowl yesterday! Not only was it an incredible game but I was so proud that my hometown team took the trophy! In honor of…

Break Free: Ruby Rose Spotlight

I was recently introduced to a powerful and moving video that was starring a talented woman named Ruby Rose. The video was so incredible that I watched it at least 5 more times in a row. Not only does it make you realize what some of society’s standards can do to people but it does… More »

#MyCalvins Has Stripped Down To Bare It All

As I am sure you saw yesterday, Justin Bieber is now a part of the Calvin Klein family. Whether or not you love that idea, this Calvin campaign has gone on for years and has always stuck with the same vibe which I find powerful. They have managed to uphold that same natural, innocent feel… More »

Fashion Spotlight: 1994 Brand

I am so excited to share my friend Nick’s rad clothing line with you all…I personally am in love with it! His company is called 1994 which you can check out HERE! He recently sent me Callina and Jeffree amazing custom flannels with our last names on them and is now offering custom orders to… More »

The Best DIY Flannels!

These cute flannels are to DIY for…. Here is a gallery of unique flannels that we are obsessing over. Would you rock any of these?

Exclusive Interview: Secondhand Serenade Talks New Video, Tour & More!

I have been a fan of Secondhand Serenade over the years and am so excited to share the new music with you all! We even did a fun interview where we talk about…

Dear Santa: All I Want For Christmas Is One Direction!

I mean of course I want happiness, love and joy but in reality don’t we all just want a member of 1D under our tree this year? Because the One Direction boys look great in santa hats and Christmas lights I decided to make a whole gallery of them getting festive for you all to… More »

Have No Fear, Celebs In Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Here!

Put a celebrity in an ugly Christmas sweater and you have the best recipe for the perfect photo. These pictures made me realize I need to start my collection of ugly sweaters to rock on the holidays! Here is a gallery of celebrities being brave and rocking their “ugly” festive sweaters!

Exclusive: Mat Kearney Talks New Music, New Album & More!

We are big fans of Mat Kearney over here at Buzznet so we are more than excited to share this amazing interview with you all. Mat has a new album coming out in February called…

Disney Inspired Gingerbread Houses!

I have always loved how creative people can get with their holiday decor! From lights in and on your house to the little Winter wonderlands and adorable gingerbread houses. It’s all a fun way to bring the holisay spirit to life! I came across some gingerbread houses that were Disney themed and pretty much fell… More »

Cozy Vibes: Winter Onesies To Wear This Holiday Season!

I am a big fan of being warm and cozy especially when that involves a onesie and some hot cocoa. I would honestly wear a onesie everyday if it was acceptable, who wouldn’t? Here is a gallery of must-haves holiday onesies for all you fellow grown up kids out there!

Beat The Winter Blues: Blue Hair Inspiration!

I decided to join the dark side again and make my blonde hair a bright emerald green recently. I LOVE it because then it fades to a fun light mint color…it’s like having a mood ring on your head! I decided that at the end of the month I want to go aqua blue, think… More »

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Nikki Reed Talks New Music, New Movies & More!

Hey Buzznet buds,

We have an amazing interview to share with you all that I did with the lovely, multi-talented gal Nikki Reed! If you are not…

LISTEN: Rixton Announce New Single ‘Hotel Ceiling’

Hey Music Buds, 

We have a fun new single from the talented guys in Rixton! The new single “Hotel Ceiling” came out today and we are so into it…of course we will share it…

Want A Discount On The 2014 Kill Brand Holiday Collection?

It’s that time of year where we start getting gift ideas for our friends and family…and ourselves of course (duh). WELL I have a special gift from Kill Brand for all of my favorite Buzznet readers! I have a 25% off Discount code for ONE lucky winner who comments on this post 🙂 Take a… More »

Get Your Skate On With Ivy Longboards!

Hey Buzznet Buds, A great friend of mine created an incredible longboard company called Ivy Longboards. It’s all still unfolding as it’s really new but I wanted you all to be the first to get your eyes and hands on it. His story, the designs and the quality of the boards are all something to… More »

51 Photos Of One Direction Looking Babely In Beanies!

No words needed here. Enjoy this amazing gallery of 51 photos of One Direction keeping warm. Who else loves Fall weather for the layers, the warm tea and the babes in beanies?

Back By Popular Demand: The Best Looks To Rock This Winter!

Hey Fashionistas, I am a fan of the Holidays for so many reasons…one being that we get to look at the amazing lookbooks that showcase all of our future favorite items to add to our wardrobes. Popular Demand just released their highly anticipated 2014 Holiday Collection and yet again I already have my eye on… More »

Winter Fashion Obsession: Black Milk Clothing!

I am such a big fan of Black Milk Clothing. I got so many amazing things from them from velvet suspender leggings to a galaxy dress and even their SpiritHoods Galaxy Wolf collab was a must have! Take a look through this gallery to see some of the latest looks myself and Callina have been… More »

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