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Exclusive Interview: Get To Know Jess Bowen Of The Summer Set!

SO pumped to share this interview with you all with one of my fave ladies in the industry; Jess Bowen of The Summer Set!  

The Summer Set’s Lyric Video For ‘Jukebox’ Is A Smash!

GAH, this video is so amazing! If you are a fan of fun, parties, pals and smashing watermelon; this is going to be your new…

Exclusive: William Beckett & Brian Dales Instagram Intervention Part 3

We are back again folks, it’s time for round 3 of Instagram Intervention.

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This episode goes into depth about my wrestling legacy which I am extremely…

Goodbye Summer: Dani Interviews Brian Dales On His Warped Wardrobe!

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So as we start to put our jean shorts away and on the hunt for cute oversized…

Exclusive: William Beckett And Brian Dales Instagram Intervention Pt. 2

In this episode which is the 2nd of 3, me and Brian Logan Dales touch upon some pretty great Instagram related topics and photos. You get to see…

Getting Personal: Video Vault September 1, 2013

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This week’s video vault is all about getting personal with your favorites.

First off, help pick Brian Logan Dales‘ outfit for his concert tomorrow! Inside scoop: there’s lots of American…

JC Chasez Talks ‘NSync, Brian Dales & William Beckett’s Instagram Intervention: Video Vault

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This week’s Video Vault has it all! JC Chasez made us all fall in love with his sweet, funny Last Questions. He even talks about ‘N Sync!…

Exclusive: William Beckett And Brian Dales Instagram Intervention Pt. 1

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In this episode which is the first of three, me and Brian Logan Dales touch upon some pretty great Instagram…

Video Vault: More Brian Dales & A Preview Of A New Buzznet Original Series!

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In this week’s Video Vault, we’ve got a sneak peek at a new Buzznet original series starring our Buzzmakers Danny Kurily and Dani Vitale!

Plus, we’ve got an interview from our…

Brian Dales And The Dangerous Summer Get Candid + More: Video Vault

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This week, we started to say goodbye to Warped Tour, wrapping up our interviews from the tour. Brian Logan Dales admitting that he’d choose his Twitter followers over his car was…

Video Vault June 23, 2013

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Here at Buzznet, we’re posting super cool exclusive videos all week. Just in case you…

TSS Album Release

Video Vault April 21, 2013

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Video Vault March 14, 2013

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Here at 

Dressy vs. Messy: Boys In Bands

Our favorite rockers usually abide by a very strict uniform of tees and jeans. When they’re really feeling saucey, sometimes they’ll forgo a shirt altogether. And why should they care? It’s a tried and true look that their fans love. I mean, a rocker in a suit is pretty much a contradiction. A cool, casual… More »

Video Vault 3/17

Here at Buzznet, we’re posting super cool 

Watch Brian Logan Dales #LetsTalkMusic Google Hang!

This was so much fun! See my #LetsTalkMuisc with Brian Logan Dales of The Summer Set below! 

Reblogged from We’ve Got You Covered

Our chat with

Watch Brian Logan Dales #LetsTalkMusic Google Hang!

Our chat with Brian Logan Dales of The Summer Set has to come an end. You can watch the chat here if you missed it or just want to see Brian…

The Summer Set Halloween Show After Party Pics!

Halloween was one majorly FUN night. BUZZNET partnered up with The Summer Set and Casa De Awesome to throw a ridiculously cool Halloween show after party in Hollywood! It was packed full of familiar faces, friends and fans! Check out the amazing party pics courtesy of in the gallery and you can check out… More »

The Summer Set Lyric Video For ‘F*ck You Over’

The Summer Set is washing the dirt off their hands with the release of “F*ck You Over.”

In this song, now available on iTunes, lead singer Brian Logan Dales strings together a bundle…

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