Recap Of Our TAY-kover! Tay Jardine Of We Are The In Crowd

Yesterday the adorable Tay Jardine of We Are The In Crowd took the reigns of our Instagram account to show us what the band has been up to. They are currently recording in Los Angeles and Tay gave us a taste of what it’s like to be in WATIC.

First we had breakfast….

Breakfast. @tayjardine style 🙂

Then we decided on wardrobe for the day…

These goofs wore WATIC shirts to the studio. #laundryday @robchianelli @omgzitsjordan

Then we caught up on some Breaking Bad…

Wut duhh?!

Then we really got to work…

So close to finishing this record. It’s a matter of hours! Hope you’re all as excited as we are! @mikeferri @feldy67 @iamtommyenglish @zakkcervini

And then it was time for selfies, cause reasons.

“Ohmahgerd Tay more selfies!” Fine. Emoji inspired. There!

Then more work…

Serious tuning. Serious. @cameronhurley @jordaneckes


In case you were wondering…

And we finsihed off with more snacks!

Mall rats. @omgzitsjordan @robchianelli

Special thanks to the band for entertining us all day! Let’s do it again soon!

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