Disney charcters taking selfies

Although taking a lot of selfies has been linked to a narcissistic disorder by many psychologists, it’s a trend we can’t ignore regardless of us loving or hating it. Ever wondered what your favorite Disney characters would look while taking selfies? Wonder no more…I got a fun weekend gallery for you or pouting belles and… More »

Selfies: Free People’s Instagram Inspired Campaign

Free People’s September Catalog confirms that selfies are here to stay. The spread features 29 “real” people, bloggers, and models, including Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, Daisy Lowe, bloggers Alexandra Spencer of 4th and Bleeker and Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty, artist Langley Fox, and more! I can’t get enough of the selfie styled images…. More »

Summer Time: More Than Selfies!

Selfies!!! I believe that we love to talk about them. And I’m so happy because I discovered such a talented artist. Helene Meldahl aka Mirrors Me takes the best selfies!!! I’m…

Animal Selfies!

I fell in love with new ad campaign for National Geographic and Diomedia by Heads agency from Sao Paul in Brazil. You can see sweet animals, and these love to take…

Buzzmaker Selfie Sunday

Lets face it; we are all suckers for a good selfie. We are all guilty of trying to find that perfect lighting for a quick snap shot. Or when you walk by a mirror and remember you have to take an OOTD pic, duh. 2013 was the year of the selfies and we thought it… More »

Swoon Worthy Band Selfies: 2013 Round Up

2013 was definitely the year of selfies. We swooned each week with different band members and to celebrate the end of an amazing year we are giving you a round up of our favorite selfies. Try to contain yourself, as this is a lot to handle (we know, we understand). Take a look in the… More »

Recap Of Our TAY-kover! Tay Jardine Of We Are The In Crowd

Yesterday the adorable Tay Jardine of We Are The In Crowd took the reigns of our Instagram account to show us what the band has been up to. They are currently…

Celebs Hanging With Celebs: Backstage At The Teen Choice Awards

With all the hype around the fashion and performances from last nights Teen Choice Awards we never really get to see what is happening when the cameras aren’t rolling, the behind the scenes action. I love seeing all the celebs just hanging out, laughing with each other and taking selfies; you know the usual. Below… More »

Get To Know Buzznet Buzzmaker Profile: William Beckett

Hey all,

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I sat down, stood up…

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