Question Of The Day: What’s Your Zodiac Sign & Does It Fit You?

Not that this has anything to do with anything, but I was looking for a gif of that song that says “What’s your zodiac sign?” and this was something that came up:

All the chickenheads, BE QUIET!

Do you remember that song? Got a $50 bill put ur hands up! Anyway, let’s talk about our signs and stuff. I was reading things about my sun sign and then I was all UGH TL;DR. Is that a part of my sign? Actually, I am supposed to be very “attention to detail” orientated. My sign also says that I am picky but if you’ve ever met some of the men I’ve dated, you wouldn’t think so. ZING!

I don’t think I am any of these things but then again, never trust a blingy.

This sounds a little more like me:

Now it’s your turn. Tell me stuff about your sign and stuff and whether it applies to you or not. Party!

What’s Your Zodiac Sign & Does It Fit You?