Heart to Heart – Lessons from the River Pt 2

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So…..let me continue telling the story of the amazing lessons I learned from spending the night on a river.

It’s all about perception. I realized I was lucky to have ended up stuck with this friend of mine who is so different, because it taught me something great about relationships. I didn’t push for her to stop paddling because it was a great training moment for my ego. Why did I need to be right? Why did I need it to be my way? What does it matter? I was interested in having a great time and if I was as demanding with what I wanted as she was, there would have been a bunch of clashing energy and negativity. I didn’t need it and nor did the other people. It was better to surrender and be calm cause it was better for the whole. I made sure I kept positive so all the 4 people in our 2 canoes would have a good time. It’s not about me. It’s about US.

We found a shore and docked for a bit to greet the sunrise. Some people were wearing headlamps, which didn’t make sense cause the full moon was brightly lighting up the land just like the nature intended. I realized the night is not really dark. It’s just a different kind of light.

I took off my shoes and laid flat on the ground. For a second I thought my hair was gonna get dirty, which I realized was laughable just a second later. How can what I am made of be dirty? Dirt is not dirty. Dirt is clean.

I dug my toes into the Earth and felt the rich and powerful energy of the Mother merging with mine. I felt home. Man made structures, the stresses and competition of society felt foreign. It always has in a way but this time I saw it so clearly. Oh the pain we are causing ourselves when it could all be SO beautiful.

I am still shaken up and humbled by all these powerful lessons the river had in store for me. It’s been an amazing few weeks writing music from a completely free place (first time since Love is Dead). It feels perfect, and I know I’m on the right track with no other purpose than becoming pure love.

The light in me celebrates the light in you!:)



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