Heart to Heart – Lessons from the River Pt 2

If you missed my last week’s heart to heart blog, read “Lessons from the River Pt 1” HERE:

So…..let me continue telling the story of the amazing lessons I learned…


It was a beautiful sunny Sunday here but a bit chilly. Earth Day has always been an important day for me. I’m definitely an Earth Person I love to dig in the dirt and plant things. I also compost all of our veggie and fruit leftover scraps and egg shells and coffee grounds !!! The… More »

Fresh Face: Ireland Baldwin

Blonde? check. Statuesque? check. Celeb DNA? double check! According to my calculations, Ireland Baldwin has everything it takes to be fashion’s next “it” girl. At 17 and 6’2″ with a waterfall of golden locks, she is hard to miss. Oh, and it does kind of help that she is the celeb spawn of the notorious… More »

Epic Planet – Pictures of Earth From Space

I was reading daily mail and found a post about these stunning photos of the most beautiful places on Earth taken from Space. I thought I’d share…. The world is so beautiful! <3 k Check out Skelanimals!!! & Mirror Mirror!!! Zero Gravity is now out on iTunes!!!

BTK App – Video #19

Bill: Kepler 22b…this is amazing…

Earthlings – Make the connection

Tom Kaulitz has a personal blog on the official site of Tokio Hotel, check out HERE Sometimes he posts really silly videos or pics, sometimes he talks about his projects with the band or with Bill, sometimes he posts really interesting videos about earth, nature, animals and human beigns, this is one of them! “The… More »

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