Happy MoonChild Monday!!!

It makes me so happy to open up my inbox and find so much beautiful art being sent my way by fellow moon sisters and brothers<3 This weeks creations come from Moon Children Angel, Brittany, Clinton, Donte, Emily, Evelyn, Nick and Tarkio Paulino<3 I.L.U. k

10 Simple Ways To Feel Happier Today

I noticed that a lot of Moon Children have been feeling under the weather lately so I wanted to reach out and offer some TLC<3 Happiness is a tricky thing. I feel like until I was 25, I was dealing with the pain of my parents still. Someone elses stuff they should have worked out… More »

Heart to Heart – Lessons from the River Pt 2

If you missed my last week’s heart to heart blog, read “Lessons from the River Pt 1” HERE:

So…..let me continue telling the story of the amazing lessons I learned…

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