10 Simple Ways To Feel Happier Today

I noticed that a lot of Moon Children have been feeling under the weather lately so I wanted to reach out and offer some TLC<3

Happiness is a tricky thing. I feel like until I was 25, I was dealing with the pain of my parents still. Someone elses stuff they should have worked out before they had me. Every generation brings their damage into the relationship with the new generation until someone breaks the cycle. I decided it was gonna be me at a very young age. There is a lot of problems in my family – lots of depression and addiction…also suicide. I have also struggleded with all of these things and it has been very challenging to get myself to a place where I love life.

But it’s possible! I did it so I know you can as well.

If you’re a teenager and struggling to find your place and your peace – brace yourself.

You will have enough time to find yourself and live your dreams. Take it easy. You are still living under someone elses roof and living out someone elses idea of what life is. It might feel too different from what you believe in. That’s ok. That’s usually the case…soon enough you will be able to leave and make your own rules. That’s when the fun really begins. Then you can do crazy shit. Like live in a real life dollhouse (honestly just need like 4 cans of paint), eat in bed and draw on your walls. I am never gonna “grow up” cause why would I? I’m also never gonna get old, no matter what my physical age. These are bullshit rules created by someone else who I don’t know and don’t want to know.

Do the values of this society feel out of place and you feel like you don’t belong?

Congratulations, you are someone who is destined for greatness and thinks life should be more than being a slave in a system. Too many people are believing in the illusion, believe in the media, that the country has their best interest at heart. Although so many people are waking up, we as a spiecies are still completely enslaved by our own ignorance, leaving the most important values like happiness, compassion and integrity out of the occasion.

Of course it feels wrong cause IT IS. I used to struggle with it so much..how could it make so little sense…until I realized…ah…I have to be smart enough to survive in this “reality” but as soon as I was able to disconnect, I kinda did. In 3 years I wanna live completely off the grid so I’m gonna work my ass off right now to one day be completely free in every sense of the word.

Dedicate yourself to something and make it work. Whatever you do, spend real energy and become the best. If you make sandwiches, make the best freakin sandwiches in the world. Watch, you’ll be a manager soon. It’s not what you do that makes you a successful person. It’s a MINDSET. dedication, integrity and determination. You can achieve absolutely anything you set your mind to. Sometimes it looks out of reach but that’s an illusion cause even our solar system is just a tiny dot in the big scheme of things. Stop taking yourself so seriously and go for it. LIVE before you die.

Give your everything and then have some patience. You will get to where you wanna go. You know why? Not cause of some spiritual mumbo jumbo reasons but because YOU WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN. You have the power and don’t let anyones limited mindset become yours. There is no limits, it’s an illusion created for us to take away our power.

Most people watch TV (ads) 5 hours a day while munching on a genetically modified snack. It’s a cushy reality they have created for us, making us believe it was our choice. Time to snap out of that reality. Instead of staring at a glowing box, go out and CONNECT. With the nature, with others.

Be mindful of your body. Drugs, alchol and cigarettes stop you from reaching your full potential. I can say that cause I’ve struggled with addiciton so it’s just something that I have noticed. It seems to be easier to be totally connected and determined when all the channels are clear. Test it on yourself and see if you also feel a difference. I am leaning more and more towards a completely clean lifestyle. Not because I am restricting myself but because I love feeling like a superhuman.

And most importantly…happiness is a choice. When you start noticing your fearful thoughts, realize how useless they really are and axe them. Choose positive ones. You are not a slave to your thoughts and feelings. You are the MASTER, not some little flimsy victim to circumstance and drama. Take your power back.

This is some of the biggest work in my life and far more important than my career or anything else…self-discipline when it comes to taking responsibility for my reality. Sometimes what happens is out of my control but how I react to it, is always my choice. The more you choose positive outlook, the more of a natural part of you will it become until fear based throughts feel foreign. It took me years to actually not live in fear. Who knows, It might take you a lot less time but be prepared and committed cause this could be a long term thing. It will be so worth it though. You will feel strength that no one and nothing could take away from you.

Check out the gallery for 10 of my favorite super simple ways to have a better day TODAY and let me know if you feel any different.