Jimmy Eat World’s New Album News Made My Heart Sing

Today I saw this:

And immediately felt like this:

Jimmy Eat World finally revealed release plans for their long awaited 8th full-length studio album. I’m not sure if I will be in a, “and the cheese stands alone” situation here on Buzznet with this news, but I am very excited. JEW is my favorite band of all time, you could say they are an All-Star band for me. From what I have been keeping up with this new album should be a real treat. The band has announced their new album will be titled Damage and will feature 10 new tracks that will speak to your heart. That’s the magical thing about Jimmy Eat World; their music ALWAYS makes me feel something.

I mean how can you not love the “Always Be” video?

Jimmy Eat World has been working on the 10 new tracks since the winter of 2011 and they teamed up with producer/engineer/badass Alain Johannes. Yeah, Alain is part of Sound City so he is a baller. This new record will sound incredible!

Here is the official track listing:




Book of Love

I Will Steal You Back

Please Say No

How’d You Have Me

No, Never


You Were Good

Jimmy Eat World will also be participating in this year’s Record Store Day (April 20th) with a special 7” featuring a new song “Damage” and a cover of Radiohead’s “Stop Whispering.” They will also be playing a few shows coming up, but I have my fingers crossed for a full tour! Man, #musicrules.

Is it June 11th yet?

Do you like Jimmy Eat World – or am I alone here?

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