Jimmy Eat World Writing New Music

Jimmy Eat World haven’t released new music since 2010, but with the announcement they’ll be joining the 2012 Bambozzle lineup, it leaves fans wondering… what else are they working on?

Yesterday in a post on their official message board they addressed that exact question and rumors about their new record’s title.

Read below:

‘new eyeing’. huh? no idea where that rumor came from. i sort of like it though. as a title what the hell could that be about?

no, our next album is not (yet) called new eyeing. suggestions are welcome though. maybe someone can start an album title suggestion thread?

we are writing and working out new material now. being off the road and home for holidays has kind of made us really get into being home. for real, home. and i predict this will help our new stuff get put together faster. it is important to us to have material we are proud of. hopefully that can happen soon, as we have no idea how we may release the next batch. i would assume that when the time comes we will make a carefully thought out decision. but as i have always said, we have to be proud of it first. however long that takes.

the main reason we have been allowed to be a band for as long as we have is because we aren’t chasing some imagined demographic. we are simply working to challenge and reward ourselves through music.

not seeing any reason to alter that now.

hope everyone is having a great wind-down for the year. going to post up my favorite music from 2011 soon.


Granted the post does not give specifics on a release date, but it’s still good news. In the meantime, enjoy my favorite Jimmy Eat World song (heck, one of my favorite songs, period), “The Middle”.

Are you anxious for new Jimmy Eat World music? Will you catch them on Bamboozle?