It was a beautiful sunny Sunday here but a bit chilly. Earth Day has always been an important day for me. I’m definitely an Earth Person I love to dig in the dirt and plant things. I also compost all of our veggie and fruit leftover scraps and egg shells and coffee grounds !!! The list could go on, but I don’t compost the weeds or unwanted plants from my gardens that would just spread them around after I use the finished compost on my gardens.

I was working on rebuilding my pond waterfall and kept thinking I would hear Ozzy and Sharon my Mallard Ducks quacking up on my roof the whole day. And guess what ? They showed up here after I went back inside for the day. It was the first day they appeared.

The gardens have lot’s of work to be done it’s the busy part of the year for me. Moving plants, pulling weeds and just getting everthing neat and clean before the hot weather gets here.

So I hope everyone has a nice Earth Day and be kind to our Earth it’s the only place we have 😀