Question Of The Day: Remember Your First Pet?

I can’t really think of anything this morning, so you are getting a question about animals. I have scoured the internet for things to talk about this morning and everything is totes boring (not really). We could talk about the Pope but:

  1. we could also not and say we did
  2. I don’t really care
  3. they just need to stop already

We could talk about how the Higgs Boson that was detected last summer is basically just a standard model Higgs and nothing something crazy exotic but:

  1. I’m not very smrt
  2. it’s complicated

It’s still really cool though because:

And so what happens when I can’t really think of anything else? CATS! Cats happen. And dogs. And feels. Lots of those. Also Supernatural because I’m still riding that train:

Mai feelz – Let me tell you about them

So anyways, let’s talk about our first pets. We’ve probably done this already because we talk about our bbs all the time. I don’t even care. I also need you to post cute animal gifs because I like those and they make me feel like when Cass was eating a cheeseburger that one time:

So. What was your first preshuz bb? Tell me about it. Share with me things and we can:

Tell me about your first pet!