Question Of The Day: The Ides Of March & De-extinction

Howdy all! Today is the 15th, and that means that it’s the Ides of March. Don’t know what that is? Well, it’s a date in history that is marred with all kinds of peril. Most…

Delicious Pi & Science Tattoos For Pi Day

3/14 is Pi Day. What does that mean, exactly? We aren’t too sure. All we know is that the value of pi goes on forever and people like trying to memorize it’s never ending chain of digits. People also like it so much that they get tattoos of it. In honor of Pi Day, we’ve… More »

Question Of The Day: Remember Your First Pet?

I can’t really think of anything this morning, so you are getting a question about animals. I have scoured the internet for things to talk about this morning and everything is totes boring (not really)…

SXSW: Who To Watch

SXSW IS FINALLY HERE!!!! If you’re lucky enough to be attending this year, you MUST check out the free screening of this AMAZING film. “The Other Dave” tells the story of David Manning, whose life was changed the day he was struck by lightning. Now fully disabled, the story centers on the changes in Dave… More »

BTK App – Video #28

Tom: Tornado on the sun A tremendous tornado whirling across the surface of the sun was captured by a NASA satellite recently an amazing wonder of the solar system that may be as big as the Earth itself. The video was recorded by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), a sun-watching satellite that has transmitted a… More »

BTK App – Video #19

Bill: Kepler 22b…this is amazing…

12-Year Old Boy to Prove Einstein Wrong?

So, someone on Twitter re-tweeted a link from TIME magazine earlier on today, claiming that a boy of merely 12 was on the way to proving Einstein’s Theory of Relativity wrong.…

Forensic Science Day

A day full of learning, big words, and a quadruple homicide.


TGI Fridayyyy Buzz 7/27

Famous, intoxicated and… racist? Lindsay Lohan hops right on that bandwagon. (IBBB)

Dakota Fanning had a growth spurt! (INO)

Um, Aquafina is tapwater. I feel so… betrayed. (The…

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