Artist Of The Month: Gypsy & The Cat

I can’t believe it’s March already!! As I’m sure most of you have heard, March is Emerging Talent Month here on Buzznet! Be excited. I have SO much goodies planned for this month, starting with my pick for this month’s Artist Of The Month, Gypsy & The Cat.

I’ve already introduced Australian alt/synth band Gypsy & The Cat to you guys here so I suggest you check that out and keep them on your radar! They’ve just played their first US shows in LA and NY a few weeks ago (so bummed I had to miss it) but I have a feeling they’ll be coming back ’round here a lot more often now that their sophomore album, The Late Blue, has been released on iTunes (physical copies out April 29th, I’m told) and they start to take over the world. I might want to take some credit for that. Just a little. ;P

Check out their album, The Late Blue, below and don’t forget to pick up a copy once it hits stores next month!

Stay tuned all this month for more coverage on Gypsy & The Cat and more!

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