Get To Know: Gypsy & The Cat

Two years ago I was browsing through music blogs, listening to zillions of indie/synthpop bands just waiting for one band to intrigue me when I came across Gypsy & The Cat’s “Time To Wander.” I know I may say this a lot but it really was love at first listen! Since then, their album, Gilgamesh, has been an iPod staple and one of my most prized imports. So who is this gypsy and this cat that I speak of? Let’s get to know them!

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Gypsy & The Cat are an indie/synthpop duo consisting of Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers. They released their debut album, Gilgamesh, in November 2010 and have extensively toured Australia, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Hong Kong, the UK and have even opened for pop goddess Kylie Minogue in 2011 on her Aphrodite Tour. Wow, wow, wow, wow! 😛

Gypsy & The Cat will be releasing their second studio album, The Late Blue, in Australia October 19 and early 2013 worldwide. (I envy you Aussies…you have no idea!) Australian tour dates will commence after the release of the new album. When asked about the difference between Gilgamesh and The Late Blue, Towers stated: “It’s probably a bit more ‘summery’. There’s a little bit of world [music] influence in it. It’s definitely different to the first album in many ways. We’re just doing what we want to do, like we always have. On the next album we might do something even different, but I think on this album we needed to do something a little more ‘left’ than the first album.”

Take a listen to “Sorry,” the first single off of The Late Blue:

Sorry by Gypsy & The Cat

Their music video for “Jona Vark” is probably one of my favorite videos ever. So beautifully done and pretty much exactly how I imagined it would be.

For all of the latest news and tour dates, go here.

Click here for a free download of their song “Bloom.”

What are your thoughts on Gypsy & The Cat?

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