Welcome To ‘Emerging Talent’ Month On Buzznet

Welcome to Emerging Talent month on Buzznet!

This month we’re encouraging all of you to post about your favorite emerging talents. Whether its fashion, music, film, television, art-, we want you to give your favorite unsung heros some attention. Buzznet is a unique place where we can all share what we love, so why not give your favorite artist and designers who are just about to break some attention?

Biebs is that you?

Everyone had to start somewhere. Remember when Justin Bieber began his whirlwind career by posting videos on YouTube? Can you recall Paramore first embarking on the Warped Tour to launch themsleves? This month is all about introducing the Buzznet community to your favorite Emerging Talents.

Aww little Hayley on Warped!

Be sure to join our Emerging Talentgroup to keep up with all of our amazing posts and tag your works with ‘Emerging2013‘ so we can keep an eye on what y’all are cooking up. We have tons of fun stuff planned for the month to keep things fresh, so be on the look out!

You can earn this sweet little badge!

We want to get excited about your favorite up and coming talent you’re stoked about. We want to be in the know before everyone else so we can be a cool as you! Join our new group here and get posting!

I look forward to reading all of your posts! #musicrules.