Giveaway Alert: Studded Accessories

YES! YES! YES! If you guys haven’t heard of Studded Accessoriesby now, you will soon. Studded makes not only phone cases, but all sorts of other accessories. Studded headbands and refurbished tshirts are some of the other awesome products that Studded has to offer. Alyssa Gandolfo has decided to team up with me and give ONE lucky winner their very own studded iPhone case for FREE! The catch? There isn’t one!

To Enter:

Simply COMMENT on any photo in this gallery telling me:

1.Why you want to win

2. Which color you would like.

The winner will be announced on October 9th. Good luck!

**WARNING: Wearing Studded Accessories in public greatly increases your chances of being ogled, coveted, and/or envied by the general public.