Kat Von D Cosmetic for Sephora

Created by Kat Von D, tattoo artist, TV star, and owner of High Voltage Tattoo, this inspiring makeup collection exemplifies the fusion of glamorous, old Hollywood and edgy…

Tyra Banks, the model more followed on social networks

The online portal Modelinia made ​​a ranking of the top models with more followers. Tyra Banks ranks first with 12’533.899 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


I love Elycia’s blog is one of my favorites! this girl is from Hamilton, Ontario and is a cat lover, oldies dancing, colorful clothes, take pictures, and likes to change her hair color constantly. in your blog you will find your favorite things, work projects and all the things that you are passionate.

Blogger Style : Elizabeth

she is Elizabeth, is a designer, photographer, loves art, photography, adventures, recipes, has a very nice and natural. your blog is very nice, which recounts his lifestyle, his creations, nature, and things that you are passionate.

Blogger Style : Emma (A beautiful mess)

Emma she is a beautiful mess of a blog is where you will find recipes, projects, adventures and many smooth muscle and entertaining stuff with your sister has a vintage boutique called Red Velvet, this girl loves what he is cooking, prepare always new recipes and enjoy life 🙂 blog://

My personal photo diary (February)

Check out these crazy pictures how i’ve been up this month… i hope that everybody will have a good february. 😉 Lets enjoy xoxo Follow me on twitter @MyLifeAs_Mabe Tweets by MyLifeAs_Mabe iphone headset

Style Blogger:Mini Penny

this girl is very talented, has a blog called Mini Penny, works for Urban Outfitters,has worked for Apple Inc and some boutiques, fotorgrafia loves, do titoriales, garage sales, traveling and learning about different cultures of the world . knows more about it in his blog: //

Blogger Style: Katie Shelton

I adore her blog is super cute, also has a very unique style and vintage, is a brand of stuffed animals that she makes under the name Skunkboy,she makes tituriales hairstyles and is happily married and has two daughters. her blog://

Style Icon- Colette Carr

Her new music that she previewed at Cherrytree London (we went over my cherrytree bias a few posts back) IS AMAZING. Her first mixtape had a COUPLE hits. And yea when I first googled her a few months back I was like, “ok, some rich white girl from MALIBU who does hiphop.”–NO, not at all… More »

My New Obsession: Embellished Collars

I have a bunch of new obsessions lately. One of them is: EMBELLISHED COLLARS. YES. It’s just so simple and adorable. I especially love when I see girls wearing crewneck sweatshirts or sweaters with an embellished collar popping out. It changes the whole outfit –for the better. I know that this style isn’t exactly the… More »

Style Inspiration: Olivia Harrison

She’s one of my favorite girls in That’s her style a mix of Goth /Bad-ass 80’s punk /90’s grunge chick with an extraordinary doll face + red hair that kills me.

Style Inspiration: The Craft

The Craft was actually a movie that a few were not allowed to watch as kids. So for me, at least, it’s been a pretty late discovery… one that really represents a 90′s era high school sentiment that can bring back that nostalgic feeling of being oh so different. We were, however, NOT blessed with… More »

Giveaway Alert: Studded Accessories

YES! YES! YES! If you guys haven’t heard of Studded Accessoriesby now, you will soon. Studded makes not only phone cases, but all sorts of other accessories. Studded headbands and refurbished tshirts are some of the other awesome products that Studded has to offer. Alyssa Gandolfo has decided to team up with me and give… More »

Style Icon: Felice Fawn

Photographer and model Felice Fawn, age 22, from London, England is extremely talented. I stumbled across her while browsing tumblr one day and the first thing I noticed about her was that her style is to die for and she’s absolutely gorgeous.

BUZZNET Exclusive: Lauren Manzo Gives Us A Tour Of Cafface (VIDEO)

Check out this video of Lauren Manzo giving us an EXCLUSIVE first look at the inside of her brand new store, Cafface Beauty Bar. Lauren is my cousin, who is also featured on Bravo‘s ‘The Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ with…

Trend Alert: Destroyed Tees

I made a post a little while ago about “How To Rip A Shirt“, and it inspired me to look for more ideas! I looked online and found some of my favorite styles of ripped and destroyed shirts that other people have made! Take a look through the gallery and maybe you can get some… More »

Style Icon: The Veronicas

Musical twins Jess and Lisa Origliasso, better known as The Veronicas, are also known for their coveted style. I can’t say i am a fan of their music, in fact it makes me want to block my ears, (mainly because it’s played on repeat everywhere) but i do have to give them kudos at times… More »

Glitter Summer – Weekly Fashion Inspirations

Get inspired for summer! Try something new! xoxo

Bebe Rexha: Style Inspiration Part 2!

Hello all! This week i thought i would share more pictures of the lovely Bebe Rexha! Did all of you download “Champagne“? I hope so if not STOP everything you’re doing and click HERE! This song gives me chills it’s so good! As we all patiently await more of her new music, I thought we… More »

Real Life Style Inspiration: Vell Sv ♡

I would like to introduce you to this week’s style inspiration: Vell Sv. I’d accurately describe her as a modern day Edie Sedgwick living in Prague; however, her style is all about how she feels that day – sometimes she wants to be a bad 80s kid, and other times she just want to feel… More »

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