Style Profile: Keira Knightley

You know what my favorite thing about Keira Knightley is (besides the fact that she was in my favorite romantic comedy of all time, Love Actually)? Not her acting chops (which are sizable) or her uncanny ability to always have a super hot boyfriend on her arm (although that is pleasant too), but something a bit more subtle: her perennial bemused smile. It’s like she knows a joke that you don’t know, and while the joke is not gut-bustingly funny, it is witty and charming nonetheless. The second thing I love most about Keira is her style, which not unlike the joke that only she knows, is slightly subdued but still impeccably smart and alluring. She’s not likely to show up with bright dip-dyed hair or new facial piercings, yet her looks are fashion-forward nonethless. And man can she work a bare midriff (this part I don’t love as much as I am overwhelmingly, insanely jealous of) .

Here are some of Keira’s best looks over the past year. Comment on your favorites, and let us know what you think of her style!


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