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Style Profile: Matt Healy Of The 1975

It’s a safe assumption that we all agree Matt Healy is a f*ckin’ BABE. The lead singer of The 1975 has this casual, cinematic cool, that always feels like a breath of fresh air when you see him. We were online the other day and stumbled on an amazing interview Matty did in 2013 with Clockenflap… More »

Style Profile: Zoe Kravitz

As the result of the comingling of the genes of two of the most beautiful people on the planet (namely musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet) it’s not a surprise that Zoe Kravitz is stunningly beautiful. The 22 year old slashie (actress/model/musician) has been making a name for herself in the past few years… More »

Style Profile: The Lucky Crown

I was never a huge fan of flower crowns – until I heard of The Lucky Crown. Lola from Orange County, CA has captured the art of the perfect flower…

Style Profile: AccentAria (Aka: The Cutest Custom Plugs You Will Ever See)

Who says plugs can’t be feminine and adorable? My ears have been a size 6 for years, and that is just a tad too big to wear…

Style Profile: Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke is one of the newest icon of the tv: thanks to her role of Daenerys Targaryen, the Khaleesi (Queen) married to Khal Drogo, Dothraki’s king, in Game Of Thrones she’s one of the most loved actress of the last years and personally my new inspiration. Since I started to watch Game Of Thrones… More »

Style Profile: Ciara

Ciara is basically one of the hottest women on the planet, and on top of that, she has style so killer than she is one of the muses of Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci. The singer favors sexy silhouettes which kind of makes perfect sense because if I had a body like hers I would probably… More »

Style Profile: Ashley Benson

If you guys can’t tell by my last dozen or so posts, I’m kinda sorta obsessed with the new Harmony Korine film Spring Breakers. The film isn’t out until March 29th but just the idea of these four crazy girls-gone-wild-types going nuts with James Franco, and the fact that they’re almost all played by formerly… More »

Style Profile: Lana Del Rey

Sometimes when I burrow deep into the cozy blankets of my conspiracy theories (mostly shapeshifting reptilians, sometimes JFK stuff, etc), I start to think that perhaps there are certain figures, namely musicians, that are completely constructed by the fashion world to be beacons of style and light: to pose for their magazines, to wear all… More »

Style Profile: Vanessa Hudgens

It seems like only yesterday that Vanessa Hudgens was wide-eyed and green, High School Musical -ing and Zac Efron -ing all over the place. But now the pretty brunette is all growns up, taking on more adult jobs, like her upcoming roles in Harmony Korine’s much hyped Spring Breakers and Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills. Hudgens… More »

Style Profile: Zosia Mamet

Much like their characters on the hit HBO show, all the Girls actresses have distinct IRL personal styles (yes, I said IRL). Sometimes they fit in with their characters (for example, Allison Williams often channels Marnie’s chic preppiness, and Jemima Kirke definitely mirrors much of Jessa’s bohemian flair) and sometimes, as is the case with… More »

Style Profile: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is definitely one of thos great polarizers, like Miracle Whip or cilantro: people either cannot stand the sight of her, or they totally love her. As for me personally, I fall into the latter category, and while I can see how some might find her a touch annoying (just as cilantro tastes just… More »

Style Profile: Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain bewitches me (yeah, I said bewitch, deal with it). The flame-haired actress emerged from osbcurity to become a full-blown cinematic sensation in 2011 with a slew of critically acclaimed performances in films like The Tree Of Life and The Help, and has been racking up nominations and awards ever since. This is particularly… More »

Style Profile: Allison Williams

One would be hard pressed to say that the girls of Girls are having a bad run of it these days. After last Sunday’s Golden Globes (not only did the show win for Best Comedy Series and its star and creator Lena Dunham nab the prize for Best Comedy Actress, but the show’s Season 2… More »

Style Profile: AnnaSophia Robb

AnnaSophia Robb has one of those faces that just beams with the glow and purity of youth. (Very similar actually to the faces that tormented me in my nightmares growing up as a black-haired Persian girl in beach city in Southern California, but that’s neither here nor there). The 19-year old child actress first caught… More »

Style Profile: Solange Knowles

If I had a style polar-opposite, it would most likely be Solange Knowles. Solange loves: prints, prints, kitten-heels, pencil skirts, prints, the color yellow, and prints. Yasi loves: t-shirts, t-shirts, jeans, the color black, black jeans, sneakers, black sneakers, and t-shirts. However I am still able to admire Solange’s bold, lively take on fashion because… More »

Style Profile: Alison Mosshart

You know what’s cool about Alison Mosshart (besides all the everything)? The fact that no matter how fancy the event she happens to attend is, she still pretty much dresses exactly the same as she would on stage or in the street or laying in the gutter or whatever. As one-half of The Kills and… More »

Style Profile: Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is the rare kind of model that you almost don’t entirely hate for being so beautiful and perfect because she also seems like the kind of person you’d totally want to be best friends with: cool, goofy, and with a totally unique take on fashion. The 20 year-old British beauty with the covetable… More »

Style Profile: Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne has sure come a long way from her reality TV days, when she lit up our screens every week on MTV’s The Osbournes, charming us with her wit and looking like a straight-up mall punk in baggy pants, suspenders, and a whole lot of eye make-up. These days Osbourne is a bonafide international… More »

Style Profile: Ke$ha

I can’t stress enough to you people how much I truly adore Ke$ha. Not only is she super talented (the 25-year old is not only a singer and rapper, but she writes songs as well) but she has a unique outlook on life and fun which comes out in both her music and in her… More »

Style Profile: Rita Ora

Rita Ora gives good style. The Kosovo-born, London-bred pop singer appeared seemingly out of nowhere a few years ago, with a guest spot on the Craig David track “Awkward”. She was soon noticed by Roc Nation, and was signed by Jay-Z himself in 2009. Ora put out her debut album Ora in 2011 to much… More »

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