The White Stripes Cover War: All Time Low V Marcus Collins V Kelly Clarkson

The White Stripesmusic may not be commonly sung at karaoke bars but when it is, it’s ‘Seven Nation Army’ that you’ll hear being wailed. However it’s not just amateurs who are inclined to cover the song, the track’s also recently been reinterpreted by a rock band, an ex-X Factor contestant and a top pop songstress. The question is which of these covers do you prefer?

All Time Low

Earlier today, Alter The Press! alerted the internet to a fan-shot video of All Time Low singing The White Stripes classic. The band snuck the cover into their set during a recent live show but did the risk pay off? Taking on this song is certainly only for ‘The Reckless and the Brave’.


Marcus Collins

X Factor UK runner-up Marcus Collins made an even bolder move – releasing ‘Seven Nation Army’ as a studio single. Basing his cover on Ben l’Oncle Soul‘s version, Collins bagged his first UK Top 10 single with the song back in March. Collins’ second single however only reached #194. Oh.


Kelly Clarkson

Another reality TV star who loves ‘Seven Nation Army’ is Kelly Clarkson. The song has been appearing in her set lists for several years but despite this, she still occasionally forgets the words. Check out this video from earlier in the year complete with a lyrical ad-lib.

Which version do you prefer?

Words by Amy Jo McLellan