Watch All Time Low At Warped Tour For FREE – Online

When watching your favourite band, there’s nothing more annoying than seeing somebody at the front of a crowd filming every moment, right? Wrong. What’s more annoying is when you’re watching from the front only to discover on YouTube that nobody filmed anything – you have no videos to post to Facebook to share with your friends, no chances to play “Spot Yourself In The Crowd” and worst of all, no opportunities to relive your memories. It’s like going back to the dark ages of 2004.

Any ‘Hustlers’ who saw All Time Low at the San Antonia, TX date of Warped Tour however won’t have this problem. Attendees will be pleased to know that they can easily alleviate their post-festival depression symptoms by re-watching the band’s entire set thanks to one fan’s uploads. The footage has been divided into three separate parts and was spotted by Alter The Press! earlier today; you can watch the trio of embedded videos below. Enjoy!

Were you there?

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