Rihanna Covers War: LIGHTS Versus Kelly Clarkson

Ranked as the fourth most powerful celebrity in the world this year by Forbes, it’s no surprise that Rihanna‘s music is influencing music’s leading ladies. Both LIGHTS and Kelly Clarkson have interpreted the chart-toppers’ singles differently but which do you prefer – listen below and decide who does it better for yourself.

LIGHTS – ‘We Found The Love’

The original version of the song sold more than 5.2 million copies but that didn’t scare LIGHTS from covering ‘Talk That Talk’s lead single. She originally tackled the track late last year for On-Airstreaming.com but a new video recording of the performance has been recently released. You can listen to the audio below but if you want to watch the cover, head over to Alter The Press to watch the latest video.

Kelly Clarkson – ‘Princess Of China’

Covering the music of one hugely successful artist is daunting but covering the music of two hugely successful artists is petrifying. Earlier in the month, Kelly Clarkson took on the intimidating task of singing Coldplay and Rihanna’s ‘Princess Of China’ for Radio 1’s Live Lounge. Was it a brave move or a stupid one?

Who wins this cover battle for you – LIGHTS or Kelly Clarkson?

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