DIY! Steampunk Goggles Tutorial!

Hey guys! Okay SO I’ve been sooo obsessed with steampunk fashion lately but have never had the time or money to just splurge on a whole bunch of amazing steampunk accessories, so I decided I was gonna start making my own! My first project was a little messy, but was super cheap and pretty easy!First up is a DIY tutorial of how to make your own STEAMPUNK GOGGLES!!!

Using supplies that I mostly had around the house, along with a cheap pair of swimming goggles, these are some dainty little steampunk goggles! 🙂

SUPPLIES:-Swimming goggles (make sure they’re the small round kind and not the big ones that cover half the face)

-Black paint (I used spray paint but it made life really hard and messy, so for next time I would recommend black acrylic paint or craft paint)

-Nail polishes: dark metallic colors like pewter, copper, etc. You can also use acrylic paint for this too if you don’t already have the right shades of nail polish

-Masking tape, duct tape, or I even just used a sheet off of a lint roller since I was out of tape! Worked perfectly!


-Nail file (optional)

-Jewels, stones, pearls, etc., anything you might want to decorate the frames of your goggles with!


-Hot glue gun, E6000, or craft glue

Okay! Here we go! Also, if you’re not crafty or don’t have time to make your own, send a message to my Etsy page requesting a pair and I’ll make a pair for you!