How to Hard Reset/Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S5 Android Phone

Download Bulk SMS Software for Evaluation

Do you want to hard reset/factory reset Samsung galaxy S5 Smartphone? This simple tutorial which will help you in hard reset/factory reset your Samsung galaxy S5…

Much Needed Inner Beauty Makeup Tutorial

While browsing makeup tutorials on Youtube, I came across one that is much different than the rest – an inner beauty makeup tutorial. While it is slightly humorous and sarcastic, it’s a great reminder that no matter what you wear or look like, the thing that comes across the strongest is your personality. There is… More »

Summer Shopping Guide video blog!

Hi Guys!

Check out this little video I made with my favorite shopping tips, Here are the things that I look out for when…

Spring Make-up Tutorial With Julie Beauchesne

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Julie Beauchesne, founder of Je Beau Cosmeticscame by the Buzznet studio to give us some tips and tricks as we head into the prom, graduation and…

Tutorial Tuesday!

This week’s Tutorial Tuesday is from MoonChild Anittah! Anittah made these epic winged ankle cuffs! They look pretty easy to make! If you make your own be sure to take pictures and send them in! Love, k

The Naked Truth: This Body Paint Will Make You Do A Double Take

Some artists use a easel, some use wood or natural surfaces, these artists took it to the next level and used the human body as their canvas. Some of these photos I came across made me do a triple take, I seriously can’t believe how real these look! It must be so crazy to be… More »

BUZZNET Exclusive: “The Lucky Ones” Hair Tutorial (VIDEO)

Wanna know how to get your hair to look like mine on all #theluckyones photos? Here’s a simple tutorial<3 I.L.U.

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Would YOU do your hair just…

BUZZNET Weekly Video Vault 10/21 (VIDEO)

Here at Buzznet, we’re posting super cool exclusive videos all week. Just in case you missed one of our fashion, music or pop culture exclusives, now’s your chance to catch up! Take…

Win Hanna Beth’s DIY Shoes From LAZR Tradeshow (VIDEO)

Keltie Colleen, Dani Vitale and I crafted up some Seychelles and BC Shoes at the LAZR Tradeshow! Keltie helped me out on the cute leopard pair, as she is extremely…

WIN Dani Vitale’s DIY Shoes From LAZR Tradeshow (VIDEO)

I absoutely love crafting. There is no real rhyme or reason to what makes a GREAT crafter, I just go to town! I had a blast DIYing Seychelles and BC Shoes at <a…

WIN Keltie Colleen’s DIY Shoes From LAZR Tradeshow (VIDEO)

Hey everyone! I had such a great time DIYing Seychelles and BC Shoes at LAZR Tradeshow and I wanted to give YOU the opportunity to WIN them 🙂 Watch the video below…

Ashlee Holmes: What’s In My Bag ?!

This is the kind of thing I do when I can’t sleep. I can be such an insomniac sometimes. BLEH! Anyway, Check out this video of me showing you all of the makeup that I’m using at the moment. –Enjoy! xx What’s YOUR favorite brand of makeup?

DIY! Steampunk Goggles Tutorial!

Hey guys! Okay SO I’ve been sooo obsessed with steampunk fashion lately but have never had the time or money to just splurge on a whole bunch of amazing steampunk accessories, so I decided I was gonna start making my own! My first project was a little messy, but was super cheap and pretty easy!First… More »

Samii Ryan: Cranberry Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hey Beauties, Last night I posted a shot of myself just playing around with eye makeup after my shower, and so many of you wanted me to share how I did it! So here it is, it is a super easy makeup tutorial mainly using drugstore and NYX makeup products, and for those of you… More »

Loose Curls Tutorial

Hey Loves! This is my hair tutorial on how to do a loose curly sexy waves. I have been doing this to my hair the last couple days sine I got my Hot Tools 2 inch barrel curling iron in. I LOVE it! I think it is so much fun & looks so sick. What… More »

Samii Ryan Talks Tape Extensions

<embed src="http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f9?isVid=1&isUI=1"…

Purple Lorac Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hey Gorgeous’s! (hahaha) Well, I have been wearing my make up like this for the past couple day and I have been getting so many people asking me to do a tutorial on it. Well here ya go people! The eye shadow I am using is from a Lorac pallette and I love the colors!… More »

Miley Cyrus Hunger Games Premiere Hair

Hey Beauties! Yesterday, Keltie tweeted at me asking me to do a hair tutorial on the Miley Cyrus hair at the Hunger Games Premiere. If you didn’t know I wear clip in extensions and I figured this was the perfect time to do a hair tutorial for people with short hair. I love this look… More »

From Shabby to Chic: Shoe Tutorial!

DIY time!!! I had these old boring stripper shoes sitting in my closet that I never wore so I thought I’d make them into something more decadent and interesting. Got inspired by Louis XIV for these babies! What you need: – random pair of shoes – fabric (I am using white lace as the base… More »

Clipless Curling Iron Curls Tutorial

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