Snow White Inspired DIY Bow

With the new Snow White Movie coming out, I was reminded of my love for this beautiful and dark fairytale…so I thought I’d dedicate a DIY project to it! Here’s how to create a Snow White inspired head bow or any bow in that matter..<3


Step 1: Cut a rectangle out of a fabric. You can make it any size you want, I made this one 12″x9″

Step 2: Fold the fabric and make sure the side that is supposed to be inside, is outside

Step 3: sew or hand stitch (I am making these edges slightly softer because of what Disney’s Snow whites bow looks like but if you want sharp edges for your bow, sew parallel to the outside line

Step 4: Make a little hole in the middle of this thing

Step 5: turn it inside out through the hole

Step6: stuff the bow…you can use, fabric, tissue, or cut up plastic bags for example…anything you can find

Step 7: hand stitch the little hole in the back and while you’re at it, go a few times around the middle and pull to create the shape of a bow

Step 8: It’s a bow! Cut a strip of fabric to wrap around the middle part

Step9 : attach it to anything! You can make these bows out of any fabric and any’s a really easy way to dress things up! <3

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