Check out my week in instagram pictures<3! Check out Steel My Style!!! & Vegas, Baby!!! Zero Gravity is now out on iTunes!!!

Kerli’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

It would be unfair to make just one gift guide cause all moms are so different. I happen to have a sporty mom where my best friend for example has a traditional mom. I made a cute little guide for all the different types of moms I could think of. Add your mom type and… More »

Snow White Inspired DIY Bow

With the new Snow White Movie coming out, I was reminded of my love for this beautiful and dark fairytale…so I thought I’d dedicate a DIY project to it! Here’s how to create a…

Gifted Week!

I got so many amazing gifts this week I thought I’d show them off! <3 First, my friend Ago from Iiris had sent me their new cd. I was so happy. I love Iiris! I think they have a very bright future ahead of them, mark my words:) The song titles are off the hook,… More »

Must Go To…

Must go to…The Happy Pills Candy Store!!!! I was doing some research for my pills themed “want” post and stumbled on this candy store in Barcelona. I thought the idea was so fun and innovative, it absolutely deserves its own post. Check out the amazingness and email me @ if there’s anything cool in… More »

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