Current Obsession: Bows!

I have been SUPER into the whole “bow” trend that’s going on! I recently got a bow top for a dance piece I was doing and I was inspired to get more items in the same family. Shoes, hairstyles, purses, skirts, dresses, nails and more! It’s such a cute classy flirty style that is appropriate… More »

Bow Veins

Happy Tattoo Tuesday everyone! This weeks tattoos are based on a spontaneous love for little bow tattoos, so why not collect my favourites and show them to you?? I would adore having a tiny bow on one of my ring fingers! I even featured Buzznet’s very own HannaBeth into this gallery with her precious bow… More »

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lucy Hale

We all know and love Lucy Hale on the hit show Pretty Little Liars as Aria Montgomery. Her character is pretty amazing and so is her style! I personally…

Snow White Inspired DIY Bow

With the new Snow White Movie coming out, I was reminded of my love for this beautiful and dark fairytale…so I thought I’d dedicate a DIY project to it! Here’s how to create a…

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