Miami Day 1!

DMAs, Cuban food and a broken shoe.

I’m writing this sitting in my bed at 3 am, about to pass out but wanted to give u guys a little behind the scenes look of my Miami trip. Today has been intense. Woke up early to do the rounds, meet all the amazing DJs that showed support to AOL and now Zero Gravity…then to the IDMAs venue to go through how everything was gonna be in the evening. I presented an award for the best American record label with the very talented Chris Willis. He’s the nicest guy ever!

During the day I broke one of my new platform shoes cause I didn’t have all the materials to finish them up totally at my house and I got too busy before the trip. Ooops!

Fortunately I found a very sweet guy named Gator at the venue who put in a few long screws and fixed the problem.

The awards were nice..My favorite performance was by Rye Rye, she is such a rockstar! The award me and Chris presented went to Ultra records who I personally love cause of all the amazing shit they’ve been putting out. Ah! And I saw what Deadmau5 looks like without the mouse head. Looks like someone who sits in their basement all day and programs beats, which is not a bad look…I love nerds.

As of the look for the night, I was wearing the shoes I handmade for the Zero Gravity video and an outfit by Marco Marco who’s been so beyond kind letting me pull pieces from his showroom for events.

After the event, we put some more eyeliner on and went to Mekka in downtown Miami to show some love to my friends Savoy and Heather Bright who were DJ’ing/performing. Watch out for Heather babies, she’s money! And so are the Savoy boys. <3

1 am and I still hadn’t had time to eat anything for the whole day so me and my manager Bruce cabbed it to our secret Cuban food spot we visit every time we’re in Miami.

Was trying to become Vegan for a while but definitely fucked up tonight and ate some fried pork chunks. A part of me felt horribly guilty and a part of me thought this was the best food I’ve ever had.

Ahhh…passing out.

More Miami adventures coming daily until I leave <3

Love u babies,